5 Weight Loss Tips for Halloween Costume

5 Weight Loss Tips to Fit Into Your Next Halloween Costume

What’s scarier than Halloween? A Halloween costume that does not fit! Well, we don’t mean to scare you with that right off the bat, but we’d rather wish your bat costume makes you feel like you can fly and not make you preoccupied with your weight worries.

Psst, we’re sure you look marvelous, regardless.

There are so many things to get ticked off your checklist in October that prioritizing a healthy diet and exercise schedule gets lost in the faux cobweb deco in the attic. Not to worry, we’ve come armed and loaded with 5 Halloween Tips to help you lose weight fast this Supernatural Holiday.

1. Don’t Trick Yourself Into Candy Treats

Candy Treats

Remember that to-do list we told you? Yes, now take it and write your candy shopping task at the end! Or better, don’t include it on that list at all. Go shopping for candy at the last minute. Indulging in chocolates and sweet treats before Halloween will send your weight loss plans deep down the dungeon hole of no return. So, when you reach for a snack, make sure it’s not ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ but only fruits and nuts.

2. Smaller Meals = Smaller Waist

Smaller Meals

Eating every 2/ 2.5 hours is ideal if you want to lose weight quickly. Keep your body happy with regular small meals throughout the day. Don’t bombard your body with hulk-size meals three times a day, unless you want to go as the Hulk for Halloween; then more power to you! It is the best diet plan to lose weight fast this Halloween. Also, use a Body Slimmer Machine like Haven; it works like magic, that you may have to tighten your outfit before the party!

3. Make Everyday Leg Day


Exercising counts, but workouts that are focused on the legs aid faster weight loss. The legs are such a large muscle group, so make each day a leg day. Run, squat, or even climb stairs every day! If you’ve done it right, you never know you could change your costume plan and flaunt your dandy long legs dressed in a tempting Catwoman costume.

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4. Supernatural X Superfoods

Supernatural food

If you’re going to exercise like Wonder Woman or Superman, you’ll need some superfoods to keep you going. Relishing the goodness of chia seeds in a pudding, goji berries in your cereal, or superfood powders in your smoothies will make your Halloween weight loss plan ‘tasteful.’ Settle those hunger pangs or rather fangs with a  bowl full of muesli and a bottle of sparkling lime water.

5. The Double-Scare Pact


Ok, this one’s for a duo, either a couple or two people who want to dress up as a costume pair. Make a pact with each other, whether it is a mandatory 7 AM run together or eating right + sharing meal pictures, find your weight loss routine, and get fit for the upcoming spook-takular day. You can dress up like PBJ sandwiches, but make sure not to eat too many of those before the big day!

Diet tricks for Halloween are a dime a dozen but finding one that fits your schedule and body type are vital. If all else fails, you can go as Cousin Itt from the Addams Family. Let’s hope you keep away from the candy and get moving, so it does not come to that! 

Happy Halloween, Spookers!

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