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7 Sources of Calories that Can Hamper your Weight Loss Mission

Does your weighing machine show the same numbers every time you stand on it to measure your weight? You are probably sweating enough in the gym, but some of the foods you intake contain hidden calories that you are not aware of. You mechanically eat them without knowing how much they are adding up to your fat. Sometimes what seems healthy may contain a surprising amount of fat in it. So, here are the 8 sources of calories that might be undermining your weight-loss plans.

What Are the Things to Avoid for Weight Loss?

1. Coffee


Coffee and tea is morning’s best companion. While relishing coffee, you may fail to notice how much calories you’re consuming. Studies show that the cream, sugar in coffee adds an average of 69 calories. Though it may seem less for a day, slurping coffee every day, progressively adds to your fat.

2. Smoothie Ingredients:

Smoothie ingredients

Smoothie has calories as equal as soda, especially the smoothie that contains juice, syrup, sorbet. Some of the smoothies you buy outside contain unimaginable amounts of sugary products that undermine your weight loss. If you can’t hold your sugar craving, you can prepare yourself at home to keep your weight loss regime intact.

3. Sandwich Toppings:

Sandwich toppings

A sandwich can be a healthy lunch if you cut on things like cheese, fat, and other fat layers. Individually these products may weigh fewer calories, but they collectively add more. To avoid your lunch getting too heavy and meaty, skip these calories-adding products in your sandwich.

4. Peanut Butter:

Peanut butter

Peanut butter contains fat that is good for the body. However, it has limitations too. Though nuts have many benefits, they are also rich in calories. A spoonful of peanut is nearly a hundred calories a bite. Therefore, before you include peanut butter in your diet, keep its intake in check.

 5. Alcohol:


Calories quickly rack up when you are drinking. Wine may have many heart benefits, but it’s a big no when it comes to weight loss. A glass of wine has more than 100 calories, and a can of beer is of more than 150 calories. To make matters worse, many people accompany drinking with other calorie-loaded products like chips, chocolate, pizza, etc.

6. Eating Extra Food:

Eating extra food

Whenever you find food before you, you probably can’t hold your craving and end up munching on. Controlling your cravings may be difficult initially, but once you know that they are hampering your diet plan and leading to unhealthy diet habits, you gradually give up on them and resort to healthy eating.

7. Salad Mix-Ins:

Salad mix-ins

A salad with good creamy dressing can contain nearly a thousand calories- that’s more than calories you find in burger and fries combined. Make sure, before eating anything, know about their hidden fats.

  • Be aware of the following numbers.
  • 2 tablespoons of creamy dressing- nearly 129 calories,
  • 1 strip of bacon- 54 calories
  • 2 tablespoon of parmesan-42 calories
  • ¼ cup croutons- 31 calories

Body slimming machine- The best way to lose weight without going to gym

How to Lose Fat Without Going to Gym?

Besides, inculcating good dietary practices, it’s essential to stretch your muscles. Physical exertion, exercises, doing yoga, helps in balancing your mind and body. If you cannot keep up with the exercises due to time constraints, there are many weight loss products available today. Due to its effective results, many have begun using cavitation machines for weight loss.

What is Ultrasonic Cavitation and how does it work?

Thebody slimmer weight loss machine deflates the fat cells and purges them from the body without causing any discomfort to nearby body parts.

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Losing fat comes with commitment, and having the right diet plans come a long way. Choosing the right diet ensures weight-loss and also keeps it from coming back.   

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