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Emollient Skin Solutions To Try Out At Home

With all the tasks you would have accomplished in the day and with the awaiting tasks piled up for the next day, you need to completely get ready to face it. Just like sleep, we need a good bath that soothes the cells of the body, calms the mind and grants us good sleep. While some spend ages singing in the bathroom, some take a quick bath and come out. Quite often, you forget that all you need is relaxation and replenishment after a bath. There are several emollient skin products that you can try making at home to have a wonderful bathing experience and to soothe yourself after a long and hard day. The best part is that constant exposure to such emollient skincare products can help you achieve smooth skin in the long run. Here are a few options to try out:

Controlling the Water Temperature for Smooth Skin ​

Smooth Skin

While some prefer hot showers, others feel that a lukewarm shower is the best for the skin. Keep the water neither too hot nor too lukewarm and vary the temperature with the climate for a soothing bath. Taking a bath in warm water and then taking a cold shower immediately afterward can help you to achieve smooth skin. This is an emollient skin care technique that you have to try out, especially if you want to keep your skin healthy for a long time. 

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Bath Fizzers for a Therapeutic Shower Session

Shower bath bombs

Shower bath bombs are relatively new in the market but are quickly gaining popularity. They are easy and convenient to use and can elevate your shower experience better than anything else can. They come in a range of unique and natural fragrances that can help you calm down and stay free of stress and tension. Many are not aware of bath bombs and shower bombs but these are the best cakes that fizz out and make you have a wonderful bathing experience. Choose natural bath bombs that are made of different natural ingredients and have an aromatic bath.

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Lemon Juice for Supple Skin


Lemon juice is really good for the skin and can be used as a natural emollient skincare product at home. It can act as a natural skin lightener, and can also be used to remove impurities from the skin. Its acidic properties can make your skin clean and supple. Taking a bath with lemons can be really therapeutic and help you maintain your skin health better. Squeeze half a lemon juice into your bucket of water and pour it on yourself. Lemon removes dandruff from your hair and keeps you feeling fresh. 

Milk for Smooth Skin

Using milk to achieve supple skin is a method that has been practiced for centuries around the world, especially by women in royal families. Milk has a number of amazing properties that can be beneficial to your skin, including its ability to keep skin young and smooth. Cleopatra used to bathe in donkey’s milk but you have the cow’s milk for you! All that you need is a glass of milk and some cotton balls with which you can apply milk to your skin. This hydrates and tones your body and makes you look beautiful. After you apply it and let it dry on your skin, take a nourishing bath and have a glowing skin.

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