Aromatherapy Shower Bombs

How Shower Bombs Give The Best Aromatherapy?

Bathing is one of the enriching experiences. It’s sheer self-care time! Now do not stick to regular bathing, add more colors and fragrance to your experience with these aromatic fizzy balls called ‘shower bombs.’

What are Shower bombs?


Shower bombs are made up of aromatic essential oils. The inhalation of these essential oils stimulates the olfactory system; it also provides respiratory disinfection, decongestant, and other psychological benefits. Therefore, shower bombs provide the best aromatherapy massage that you can get from the comfort of your home without shelling out big bucks from your pocket.

Why Should You Use Bath bombs?

Bath Bombs Are Good for Skin

Bath bombs

Bath bombs are great for your skin. The emulsifier and surfactants in them soften the water and moisturize the skin. The shower bombs’ beneficial ingredients work on any skin-type; it soothes and pampers the skin to a great extent. After the bath, one can find their skin soft, supple, and youthful.

Bath Bombs Create a Soothing Atmosphere

Bath bombs create a pleasing and relaxing atmosphere. They do not give regular bathing experience. When the bath bombs melt in water, the natural aromatic oils in them start releasing the aura that is both therapeutic and delighting. The shower bombs can transform any dull, monotonous bathing experience into something interesting and exciting.

Bath Bombs are Natural

Unlike any soap and body cleanser you use, bath bombs are all-natural and chemical-free. Since they contain no harsh chemicals, they do not irritate the skin. They pamper skin with their softening properties. The shower bombs are best for anyone with skin irritations and allergies.

Bath Bombs Have the Healing Properties

The essential oils in the bath bombs provide a great aromatherapy massage. Each essential oil used in them has its significance and benefits. For example, a bath bomb made of peppermint essential oil removes the muscle stiffness and soothes sore muscles. The bath bombs with citrus acts like a mood booster. Bombs containing eucalyptus oil provides great relief from cold and flu. It is also good for people suffering from sleep deprivation. Lavender bath bombs have anti-depressing properties and soothe muscle aches.

Bath Bombs Hydrate Your Skin

When bath bombs melt into your skin, and it gives a hefty dose of moisturizer. This moisturizer hydrates your skin and makes the skin fresh and glowing. It also acts as a better replacement for your moisturize.

Bath Bombs Improve Blood Circulation

When you dip your body in warm water, it triggers more blood to the skin surface, it lowers your blood pressure and temporarily expands your veins and arteries. These inner changes relieve stress and also give a youthful look. Therefore, this aroma massage has both physical and psychological effects.

How to Use Bath Bombs?

bath bombs

Shower bombs are easy to use. If you are taking a bath in a tub, keep the water to your desired temperature. Take the bath bombs and add it in the water. Take a dip and soak in the exotic bathing experience for a while. Once you are done, you need not rinse off your body with water, let the body absorb the oil and fragrance to give a soothing relieving effect.

If you are taking a shower, take the bath bombs in your palm, add water. Once it starts melting, rub the shower bombs gently all over your body. Keep it for a while, and immerse yourself in its aura before washing with water.

Why Should You Go for Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy shower bombs

Bath bombs are gaining widespread popularity today. They are deemed the best form of Aromatherapy. But do you know the significance of Aromatherapy? Aromatherapy is an excellent stress reliever. It’s the right blend of various elements such as carrier oil, herbal distillates, and vaporizer oil, etc. All of this can change the physical and cognitive state of a person.

Following are some key benefits of Aromatherapy:

  • It reduces stress
  • It relieves anxiety and depression
  • It decreases muscle tension
  • It eases various pain in the body

Why Are Shower Bombs Preferred Over Regular Soaps?

Shower Bombs

The regular soap you use may only cleanse your skin’s surface, but shower steamers go deep into your skin and remove the toxic. And they are therapeutic in many ways that the regular soap is not. They lift massive stress off your shoulder and give the unique bathing experience. Best shower steamers offer scent therapy. These scents linger longer than any regular soap.             

Bath bomb gifts containing colorful bath bombs can be gifted to your folks.  It is a thoughtful gift, and its attractive  packaging and wrapping adds to its beauty .

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