Prep Your Skin this Christmas Season

How to Prep Your Skin this Christmas Season and Avoid Winter Dryness

While you get busy preparing for Christmas, a lot may go wrong with your skin. The winter’s cold temperature may leave your skin uncomfortably dry and itchy. Fortunately, there are healthy skin care methods that not only protect your skin from winter dryness but also enhance the glow. Here we have compiled a list of things that help you combat winter dryness.

How to Protect Skin in the Winter?


1. Moisturize Often: Moisturizers are good at trapping skin moisture. You can begin your winter skincare by smoothing the moisturizer right after the shower. For better results, go for thicker ointments and ingredients such as shea butter, olive oil, jojoba oil, or mineral oil.


2. Don’t Ditch the Sunscreen: Just because it isn’t summer, you don’t have to corner your sunscreen. Rain or shine, you will need sunscreen every day. You need to make sunscreen a part of your daily skincare routine. Ensure every inch of your skin will be covered with sunscreen that has an SPF above 30.

How to Prep Your Skin This Christmas Season and Avoid Winter Dryness

Lip Care

3. Protect Your Lips: Like your skin, your lips also need attention and care, particularly in the winter. Chapped lips are the common winter sign. To avoid soreness and dryness, apply a lip balm with SPF 30 or above. Go for a balm that contains petroleum jelly. Avoid balms that irritate your lips.

Everything About A Jade Face Roller

Natural Products

4. Go for Natural Products: Harsh chemicals in the products may damage sensitive skin even more. Therefore, it’s wise to go for natural skin care products like Jade roller. The jade roller’s cooling property soothes and hydrates the skin. It also avoids winter dryness and keeps your face glowing throughout the season.

hot showers bombs

5. Use Warm Water and Soft-Touch: In winters, do not go for hot showers; instead use warm water. Avoid soaps and body wash loaded with heavy fragrances and chemicals. Instead, go for aromatherapy shower bombs that are made of essential oils. The shower bombs not only prevent skin roughness but also improve your shower experience.


6. Don’t Get Close to the Heat: Lighting up your tiny fireplace or wood stove is a classic way to keep you warm in the winter nights. But open flames have a downside to them- they may irritate the skin and make it extremely dry. Therefore, try to limit your time and exposure to the fireplace.


7. Dress Comfortably: The fabric of clothes you wear may worsen skin irritation. Therefore, while layering up, go for materials that are soft and comfortable. For instance, wear cotton clothes under a sweater or pants.

Stay Hydrated

8. Stay Hydrated: Internal hydration is essential to take care of dry skin. Beverages like coffee and tea may keep you warm in winter but leave your skin all parched and dull. Remember to drink enough water to stay hydrated. Adding ingredients like honey, lemon, and ginger builds your immune system and keeps cold and flu at bay.

Maintaining the right diet and exercise also help you fight against dry winter skin quite effectively. This winter, step up your skincare regime and enjoy the festive season with healthy, glowing skin.

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