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How to Prepare Your Summer Skin for Fall?

In summer, your sun-kissed skin probably looks more glowing and healthy. But as this heat gives way to the Fall, it starts bringing in some drastic changes. The skin texture varies as the season changes because many skin conditions are linked with temperature and humidity.

In summer, humidity increases the skin moisture level. The increased oil and sweat generation may lead to clogged pores, but in Fall, the cold air and wind make the skin drier. The dead skin starts accumulating on the skin surface. You need to have the best skin care practices to allow your skin to cope with the changes.

What Are The Effects Of Summer On Your Skin?

Some of the summer damages are inevitable as there will be a lot of dehydration that comes with the temperature. Increased sweat and oil production trigger pores, blackheads, and breakouts. The skin fades due to constant sun exposure to the sun and its harmful UV rays.

During summer, many cool down their bodies by jumping in the pools. Spending long hours in a swimming pool dehydrates the skin, the chlorine in the water breaks down the skin barrier. Summer’s heat and humidity are also favorable to bacterial and fungal infections of the skin.

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How to Repair Summer Damaged Skin and Prepare for Fall?

Before you cover your dry fall skin with make-up, find natural ways to rejuvenate it. Here are a few skincare beauty tips for Fall.

Increase Your Antioxidant Intake

antioxidant intake

Repairing damaged skin is necessary to remove breakouts. When you add antioxidants to your skincare regime, it helps skin repair itself. It reduces skin inflammation and conceals visible damage. Some antioxidants like vitamin C also boost collagen production.

  • Main benefits of antioxidants are
  • They correct the signs of aging.
  • They prevent the sunburn.
  • It brightens skin tone.
  • It prevents skin cancer.

Switch to Gentler, Milder Skincare Products

skincare products

In colder months, keeping the skin hydrated makes it less itchy, and avoids skin redness. Therefore, use products that do not strip the skin and protect it from fungal or bacterial infection. Try to use oil-free products that help your skin cope with the Fall weather.

Use Thicker Moisturizer


In Fall, you can no longer use the light-weight, oil-free moisturizer that you used to use in summer. You need to switch to something denser and creamier. When you are buying skin products online, buy a moisturizer of thick texture made with ceramides. If you already have a medium-weight moisturizer, try using a serum beneath that- this practice shields your skin from pore-clogging cream and gives the benefits of the thicker moisturizer. However, today’s latest skincare products come in varieties to meet the seasonal changes, buy the product that suits your skin, and goes well with the season.

Take Care While Exfoliating


When the weather gets colder, it is better to cut on some strong ingredients like retinoids, glycolic.

 In Fall, skin gets drier; the skin dryness allows all dead skin to accumulate quickly. To keep the face looking fresh, do a gentle exfoliation twice a week, after exfoliation, apply a serum or moisturizer. You can also use the masks once a week to remove discoloration brought by the summer.

If you want to go for natural beauty skincare, you can use Jade roller to remove the dead skin. It boosts blood circulation and hydrates the skin giving a fresh look.

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Take Care of Areas Around Your Eyes

Take care of eyes

The areas around your eye are delicate and fragile; it won’t be able to cope with the drastic weather change. The dry winter air may bring in wrinkles and fine lines around this area. To avoid that, use a moisturizing eye cream. These creams bring exceptional moisture to the area surrounding the eyes and give a radiant, fresh look.

Natural DIY Tips For The Ultimate Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine

Keeping your skin safe throughout the year is essential. Make sure you keep up with the right skincare practices and skin therapy.

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