Top 5 Reasons Why Your Skin is Getting Damaged

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Skin is Getting Damaged

Many factors affect your skin. Sadly many of these go unnoticed. The first, foremost thing in a skincare regime is identifying these detrimental factors and fixing them right away. Here the reasons that are damaging your skin. So that the next time you know what to dodge.

What Are the Factors That Are Damaging Your Skin?

Excess Sun Exposure

Sun Exposure

Nothing can damage your skin like excessive sun exposure. The dangerous ultraviolet rays break down collagen and skin elasticity, because of which your skin starts developing wrinkles and spots. Excessive sun exposure could also lead to cancer. To prevent the damage, it’s important to apply sunscreen with an SPF above 30; besides that, wear hats and protective sun clothing and prefer shades.

How to Protect Your from the Sun

Unhealthy Diet and Dehydration

Diet and Dehydration

Eating healthy food is important to keep your skin glowing. Foods such as fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C help in promoting skin health and reduce the signs of skin damage. Along with maintaining the right diet, staying hydrated is important too. When you drink water, the skin cells start functioning at their best and on the other hand, dehydration turns the skin dry and makes it prone to wrinkles.

Cigarettes and Alcohol

Cigarettes and Alcohol

Cigarettes can constrict the blood vessels, and when that happens, the skin receives less oxygen and nutrient supply. Also, continually blowing cigarette pucker lips and eventually leads to deeper lines around the mouth. 

Drinking alcohol also comes with its side effects. It can dehydrate the body. Dehydration makes skin age faster.

Repetitive Facial Expressions

Facial Expressions

Many facial expressions are involuntary actions, but you don’t realize it can damage your skin. The facial muscles movement makes the skin contract, and that eventually forms deep lines. Over the period, these lines become apparent with movements like frowning, squinting, reading without a glass, etc.

Chemical Irritants

Chemical Irritants

Every product that is used on a regular basis, such as cleaning products, detergents, irritates your skin in some or the other. However, everyone’s skin is going to react differently to chemical substances. These chemical irritants damage your skin by causing burning, redness, and dermatitis.

Not washing face: After a long day at work, many skip the vital part of skincare: ‘face washing.’ The grime that is settled on the face is not always visible. The dirt, oil, pollution continue to build, causing breakouts and inflammation. 

To keep your complexion hydrated, use mild cleansers and moisturizers. If you are unable to wash your face daily, then make a habit of using facial wipes.

Eating Lots of Sugar

Eating Lots of Sugar

Many studies have revealed that heavy sugar intake can expedite the aging process. Some of the sugar-loaded food items are chocolates, ice cream, and refined carbs like bread and pasta. To keep your skin glowing and radiant, go for a skin-friendly diet such as vegetables, fruits.



Stress can make the skin more sensitive and reactive. It can also make existing skin problems worse. The best way to prevent or ease the effect of stress is keeping your stress under check by exercising, meditating, and practicing mindfulness.

Today there are medications and the best tips and tricks to control skin damage. One of the quick-fixes for the above skin problems is the jade roller.’ The Jade roller boosts blood circulation and helps in rejuvenating the skin.

Everything About A Jade Face Roller

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