Jade Stone Therapy

What Exactly Is Jade Stone Therapy?

Jade stone is the most valued stone in China. Chinese place the jade stone above all gemstones and metals. For them, it is the ‘stone of heaven.’ Now the jade stones limited not only to China, but its popularity is spreading all across the world. In this blog, know what makes jade stone such a precious stone.

What is Jade Stone?

Jade Skin Care Stone

It is an ornamental mineral derived from silicate minerals nephrite and jadeite; both are rich in calcium, magnesium, sodium, and aluminum.

The jade stone has two types – Nephrite and jadeite. Jadeite is used in jewelry, whereas Nephrite is used in massage therapy. To get the desired stone shape, they are cut, shaped, and polished. It takes about 8 hours to shape the stone before using it for massaging-no wonder why Jade Stone is deemed the best massage product in the world.

Some Jade Stones can be heated or cooled before using for massaging because this process combines the benefits of both thermotherapy and hydrotherapy.

When you are using a jade roller, work deep into the face muscle to release the tension, the tension will be relieved without causing any discomfort.

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Why Should You Go for Jade Stone Therapy?

Jade Stone

Jade stone massage provides excellent relief to sore muscles and alleviates the common chronic and other acute problems. Since the chilled stone is more effective than heated stone, therefore before using the stone, keep it in a refrigerator to reap its maximum benefits. It heals the stressed part and flushes out the toxins. It procrastinates cells aging and boosts the body’s natural defense system and increases healing power. The stone can also bring neurological sedation and deep relaxation.

Once you roll the jade stone over your face or body, its effect can last up to 3 days.

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What are the Benefits of Jade Stone Therapy?

Jade Stone Massage Therapy

Jade therapy has a host of benefits. Here are some healing properties of Jade.

Chiropractic Benefits:

Jade Stone provides chiropractic benefits such as relief from muscular spasm, backbone, spine, and vertebra alignment correction. The therapy ensures optimum blood flow, removes toxins and soothes joints and muscle tension.

Relaxation Benefits:

The Jade Stone Therapy restores blood circulation and provides a detoxifying effect. It also promotes cell regeneration by infusing oxygen ions into your system. This process strengthens the muscles and retards the aging process.

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Acupressure Benefits:

Acupressure helps restart the flow of energy in the body. Many injuries automatically heal when there is an optimum flow of energy in the body. The jade stone massage also provides the same benefits. It helps the body to recover from any physical injuries.  

Boosts Immune System:

The jade stone therapy prompts cell rejuvenation and increases white cell production. That, in turn, improves the body’s immune system.

Massage Benefits:

The jade stone therapy roller provides all the benefits that you get from the spas. When you massage the body with jade stones, it promotes metabolism and improves the musculoskeletal system, nervous system, and other vital organs of the body. Now, many facial massage machines are available online. To treat specific areas and problems, you will get jade stone eye massage roller and jade stone skin massage roller.

Anti-aging jade face rollers can also be used to fight wrinkles and saggy skin. It tightens the skin and gives a fresh, glowing look to your face. Instead of irritating skin with chemicals, you can reap excellent benefits from face massage products.

Other benefits on emotional well-being

  • It helps you achieve self-control.
  • The massage also boosts confidence and provides emotional, physical, and mental energy.
  • The Jade stone can relieve your stress and improve your mental well being.

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