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Jade Roller is an ancient and exotic facial tool that has been a well-kept secret amongst the Chinese royals. This stone was the key to their agelessness. The jade stone is cultivated in the Himalayan hills. The jade has a sweet, light, and nourishing energy that carries many healing properties.

The Jade Facial Massage Roller to make skin soft and velvety

When you have a therapist at home, there’s no need to spend money at spas. Jade roller is the facial tool made to save your time and money. This facial tool is made up of jade for face massaging. The Jade massage therapy does almost everything from toning, skin firming, reducing puffiness, and fine lines. Its cooling effect soothes skin and also any skin inflammations.It is an excellent workout for your skin and stress reliever, and its gentle massage is truly painless, relieving, and relaxing.

Product features:

  • The jade massage therapy is easy to use; you need not plug in the device, you only have to roll over the face gently.
  • It is handy and can be tagged along wherever you go.
  • The product is one of the traditional chemical-free skincare tools and it has no side effects.
  • It simultaneously performs multiple tasks- it enhances skin elasticity, tightens and tones facial muscles, refines pores, evens skin texture, and eliminates toxins that cause inflammation.
  • The jade eye-roller also removes dark circles around the eyes by tightening skin, it fights against aging.
  • The skin roller improves blood circulation and it can be used for any skin-type.
  • The regular use of Jade Massage Therapy yields very fruitful results.
  • This skin roller any-season product can be used for a younger radiant complexion.

How To Use

  • Gently wash your face and dry it with a soft cloth.
  • Apply some moisturizer or facial oil to our face. You can just use whatever moisturizer you like best.
  • Roll the Jade roller across your face. Use the bigger jade roller for the majority of your face.
  • Use the smaller roller for the areas around your eyes.
  • Be sure to clean the Jade Roller with a non-alcohol wipe before every use.
  • Make sure it is thoroughly dried before putting it away.
  • Repeat this process twice per day. Once during the morning and once before bed to get a smooth, healthy and wrinkle-free skin.


Benefits of use

  • Stimulates blood circulation – The Jade Stone roller is an amazing tool for facial massage. It stimulates blood circulation in the facial cells, leading to a permanent glowing skin.
  • The jade face roller removes fine lines and wrinkles in the comfort of your home..
  • Reduces puffiness- Due to water retention in the facial skin cells, we wake up every morning with a puffy face and swollen eyes. Using this stone facial roller with a good massage, you would see it work wonders by reducing your puffiness completely.
  • Travel size; you can carry and use this facial tool anywhere anytime.



How often should you use a jade roller?

We recommend using this jade roller face massager twice a day, limiting each session for about 4 minutes.

Do jade rollers really work?

Yes! This face Massage Roller improves the blood circulation and tightens the skin. The Facial tool is completely reliable and leaves your skin fresh and glowing.

How can you tell a fake jade roller?

You can trace a fake jade roller. The color of the Jade stone roller varies from foresty green to milky white green with patches of black and white here and there. And also Jade stones are fragile and cold to touch. These are the properties you find in the real face roller; if not, it’s probably a dyed one.

How do I clean Jade roller?

Use warm soapy water to wash the jade roller massager. You can also soak Jade skin roller in a bowl of soapy water for a couple of minutes before cleansing.

Is Jade roller good for your skin?

Yes! Jade Massage Stones work well on all skin types. It’s the best skin roller for the face that is available today.

2 reviews for Chi Jade Roller

  1. Alexis Martin

    I battled skin redness and inflammation for almost 2 years in my teens. Now I wonder how didn’t come by something as magical as Chi jade roller in those years. Jade roller has an immense calming sensation on my skin. I see a huge difference in my complexion, my skin has become soft, supple, and of course, it has given my skin the radiance that I hadn’t imagined.

  2. Aubrey Moore

    I have reduced the number of visits to spas and saloons since I have discovered Chi Jade roller. It has diminished my fine lines and given me the glossy skin texture. My skin feels softer than ever. I have finally found the best skincare tool.

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