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Made of natural oils and when used, the shower bombs emit out the fragrance of natural oils. Ideal for showers that would be therapeutic, calming and relaxing.

Now have the best showering experience with Shower Bombs

Skip the usual showering and try something unique and fun! Use the shower steamer that is both aromatic and therapeutic. All Natural Bath Bombs come in an attractive package. Wipe the soft and mushy Natural Bath Bomb over the body and bask in the exotic experience. Best way to treat your mind and body.

Product Features:

  • A pack of 12 natural shower bombs that offers a unique shower experience.
  • Shower bombs have an excellent natural aroma that gives a unique bathing experience.
  • Shower steamers contain natural oil and natural fragrances to get the true experience and benefits of aromatherapy.
  • The ingredients of shower bomb pamper your skin leaving it soft, silky and supple.
  • All-natural bath bombs are therapeutic; it takes away your stress in no time and hydrates and nourishes the skin.
  • You can also store shower steamers inside your drawer to disperse its pleasing aura.
  • Best tool for self-care, it’s safe, and the aura is intoxicating.
  • Made of natural oils and when used, the shower bombs emit out the fragrance of natural oils.
  • Ideal for showers that would be therapeutic, calming, and relaxing.
  • The three shower steamers hold three different ingredients of eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender, and rose.
  • These beautifully packed shower bombs make for a great gift option for your pal or any family member.

How To Use

  • Unwrap a shower bomb and place it on the floor.
  • Place it close to the water splashing from the shower, but away from direct water streaming.
  • Enjoy the wonderful calming and therapeutic properties of the shower bomb.


Benefits of use

  • Each of the shower bombs calls for a pleasant aromatic bath.
  • The shower bombs help you in having a refreshing shower without drying out your skin.
  • The shower bombs are made of natural ingredients; free of chemicals.


How do you use shower bombs?

Shower bath bombs emit unique mood-boosting fragrances. So before you start using, take a moment to inhale the aura and then scoop up a portion of it and wipe all over your body; lather it up before you rinse your body with water.

Can you store bath bombs in the fridge?

No! The bath bomb set should be preserved in a dry place that is maintained at room temperature.

What are the benefits of using shower bombs ?

The natural bath bombs ingredients pamper and soothe your skin. It adds moisture and leaves skin soft and supple. You can also gift these Bath Bomb Gift Sets to your dear ones.

are shower bombs effective?

Yes! Shower Bath Bombs are surely effective to your both mind and body. Different ingredients in the bath bombs have different healing properties. For example- Lavender Nath bombs have anti-depressant qualities in them.

How do you store shower bombs?

Aromatherapy bath bombs need a dry place to store as excess moisture may fizz them. You can preserve these all-natural bath bombs in an airtight container or plastic wraps or jars.

3 reviews for Fragaroma Aromatherapy Shower Bombs

  1. Nathan white

    If you want to get the feel of aromatherapy, then you should definitely try shower bombs. They are therapeutic, and their aroma lingers all day long, leaving you fresh. The packaging was great and arrived on time. I am planning to gift this to my folks.

  2. Natalie Perez

    Shower bombs give me a unique bathing experience. Whenever I take a shower using shower bombs, I can feel the entire day’s stress shooting out of me. They boost my mood, keep me active, and prepare me for the next day.

  3. John Clark

    Shower bombs have turned my washroom into a spa room. It suffuses my entire space with its aroma- that’s so calming and therapeutic. Now I get spa-like experience at home without shelling out heavy bucks at spas.

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